Sailing in Phuket

Phuket presents perfect scenes, independent limestone cliffs immersed in turquoise waters, coral reef housing, the glittering fishes, sandy beaches lined up with coconut palms and much more, which pictures a perfect paradise for holidaymakers and amateur sailors alike. The prevailing weather conditions are pleasant from November to April with temperatures varying around 30 to 32 degrees and this beautiful land and sea are pretty charming in sight while sailing during this time. You can exclusively charter a boat to make the most out of your sailing adventure in the Andaman Sea while ensuring the privacy of your family. 

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Places to see

Phang Nga Bay. Often known as the James Bond island or the man holding the golden gun in reference with the stunning high-rise cliff in the middle of crystal-clear water, this place, marks to be one among the must-see destinations existing here. Besides, there are many spectacular caves and bays on neighboring small islands like Koh Hong, Khao Lak that can be best explored when the tide is particular in a low swing. Moreover, one could experience the raw culture by admiring the ancient paintings of boats and animal-drawn on the rock walls of Khao Khien.