Fishing and boating is a favorite pastime equally loved by all generations. For getting a good experience, the individuals need to choose a better place. By visiting Rinjani, Lombok (Indonesia), the individuals are able to get a perfect way of entertainment. The place is suitable various other activities such as – trekking.

We have memories of fishing and boating with elders. It is a skill passed from one person to the other. It is the best way to spend time in Mother Nature’s lap. So, if you are planning to go fishing, these are the essentials that you are going to need.

  1. 1. Bring water- Water is the most important thing to bring along. Sure, there is water everywhere, but chances are it is not appropriate for drinking. So, do pack water with you. Stay hydrated. You may like sun basking, but soon you might feel dehydrated.
  2. 2. Boating license: Boating license is mandatory in most parts of a country. The age does not matter; if you are going for boating, you need a license just like driving license of your vehicles. There are coast guards and law enforcement officers to check the driving license. So, add a boating license to your boating and fishing list that you need a license.
  3. Sunblock/sunscreen: While fishing you need to be patient. The fishes are not easy to catch in the bait. Use plenty of sunblock/sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. You can bring along an umbrella. A hat can do the same job but since it is small it will protect your face from the sun rays, and rest of the body needs to be covered if you do not like tanned skin.
  4. Sunglasses: The rays while the sun is setting are direct and can make your eyes squint. Do invest in good quality sunglasses. It will let you in the sun for long hours.
  5. Pack a first-aid box: Bring along a first aid box. Sometimes when there is minor injury or accident you do not need to leave fishing in the middle and run for a bandage.
  6. Consider weather report: when it comes to consider the way of fishing then weather is playing an important role. Due to it, the interested ones should not forget to check out the weather report or forecast before visiting a specific place. In case the signs of harsh weather are appearing then you should try to take steps back from plan.

Apart from this you need floatation and reboarding devices. Personal Floatation Devices (PFD) are essentials; these are mandatory by law. You can not go without getting these you can take them on rent and fishing and boating is going to be your hobby, invest in good quality life-jackets. There are some other floatation devices. Waterproof flashlights, a torch, and a whistle are needed too. Pack signal flares. Take minimum four flares. Inform your friends or family that you are going fishing.