Everyone who has visited Phuket which is the biggest island in Thailand will agree that it is magical. Warm water, cool breezes, and sun that shine all year round will give anyone a truly tropical experience. Whether you’re looking for a non-stop party or a quiet and relaxing day by the beach, you can do pretty much anything you love on the island.

The striking emerald and turquoise water of the Andaman Sea invites tourists to dive in or sail away to nearby archipelagos. In fact, chartering a private yacht is a very popular activity here. Phuket is the hub for people who want to go island hopping and discover marine life. You can cruise to Koh Dok Mai, Krabi, Phang Nga Bay, Phi Phi Islands, or Similan Islands. All offer incredible landscapes and exhilarating adventures.

Hiring a yacht in Phuket is quite easy. Large ports and marinas are normally lined with yacht charters. Royal Phuket Marina, Thailand’s first luxury marina is one of Asia’s premier boating hubs where you can find many types of yachts to charter. You can also find them in Phuket Yacht Haven and Boat Lagoon. The yachts are usually crewed and you are free to choose any routes you like. The most convenient way to charter a yacht is definitely by online charter websites such as Boat Crowd. YonderTour offers a handful of yacht tours with numerous routes, too. Most of the tours include delightful Thai food and fresh seafood barbeque. If you choose tours with snorkeling and diving, the equipment will be provided.

Yachting is a truly memorable activity for you, your friends, and your family. There are several boats you can choose to explore the Andaman Sea including sailing yacht, motor yacht, and catamaran. The type of yacht will, of course, shape the experience that you have. Here are the basics of each of the yacht.

Sailing Yacht

A sailing yacht uses sails as its primary means of propulsion which means it is predominantly driven by wind power. This yacht is known to give a certain romantic feel because of its picturesque look. Many sailing yachts are equipped with a combustion engine to use when the conditions are calm. Sailing yachts can be traditional or sophisticated. Most sailing yachts used on tours are usually quite luxurious and offer a range of facilities.

Motor Yacht

Motor yachts are probably one of the most widely available for a luxury vacation. These yachts usually have more onboard space than sailing yachts. Due to its large space, some motor yachts have a Jacuzzi or even a swimming pool. They also have more cabins and can host more passenger than a sailing yacht.


A catamaran is the most popular yacht to sail around Phuket. A catamaran can be engine or sail powered. It is a multi-hulled Bessel and ideal for entering shallow waters. Some catamarans are large enough to accommodate full-size cabins and spacious living areas. Catamaran tours vary from a full-day trip to 5 days trip where you can explore everything in Phuket and the neighboring islands.

Whatever yacht you choose, the beauty of Phuket and the Andaman Sea will leave you with an amazing feeling and a memorable experience.