Sailing High Around Surin Islands

Surin Islands are some of the most peaceful and untouched parts of the Andaman Sea. It is an exotic archipelago of five distant islands that fall under the Kingdom of Thailand. Surin has many pristine beaches and sandy shores and carries natural swings under the casuarina trees which makes it an amazing holiday destination.

Best time to visit

January is the busiest month -the best time to visit this island is between October and May as the weather is calm. This helps to get the best snorkeling and fishing experience during these months.

Places to see

It is good to have a list of places to visit before you travel so that you do not miss the important places and experiences.  

The Basketry village. It is a beautiful rustic village in Mueang Thi. The locals of Ban Buthom are famous for their basket crafting skills. They handcraft the baskets after the harvest season which is an ancient crafting method. Many foreign tourists buy them as souvenirs to take back home for the loved ones.

The Sericulture center. Queen Sirikit is famous for its silk production industry. It employs many locals and helps the traditional industry to thrive. You can watch this rich Thai heritage of silk making and can experience the art of transformation of the larva to

Sailing Destinations: Indonesia

A glimpse through Indonesia can be an enriching experience. It is the largest Island County in the world, situated between the Indian and the Pacific Ocean. Indonesia has 17,000 islands along with a rich selection of wildlife such as orangutans, elephants, and Indonesia is famous for its reptiles– Komodo dragons.

If you enjoy Sailing, then with the huge amount of islands and scenic views this will be a wondrous sailing adventure as you can sail here 365 days a year as Indonesia has fantastic weather throughout the year that is suitable for this activity.

There are many ports where you can land and start the sailing voyage. Between April and October, the boats are docked around the west coast of Flores Island. October onwards yachts move to Raja Ampat which comprises of 1500 small islands. You can plan to sail around these islands for days. Kupang is one of the most popular ports and attracts over 700 foreign ships each year.

Below are some Idyllic locations in this island country.

  • Moluccas – located between West Papua and Sulawesi islands; this is the perfect surfing destination. You can charter a boat, that will help you move between east coast and west coast depending on the changing surf conditions.
  • Indonesia is home to a fantastic coral reef and has abundantly diverse marine

Trekking, Fishing & Boating Info About Rinjani, Lombok (Indonesia)

Fishing and boating is a favorite pastime equally loved by all generations. For getting a good experience, the individuals need to choose a better place. By visiting Rinjani, Lombok (Indonesia), the individuals are able to get a perfect way of entertainment. The place is suitable various other activities such as – trekking.

We have memories of fishing and boating with elders. It is a skill passed from one person to the other. It is the best way to spend time in Mother Nature’s lap. So, if you are planning to go fishing, these are the essentials that you are going to need.

  1. 1. Bring water- Water is the most important thing to bring along. Sure, there is water everywhere, but chances are it is not appropriate for drinking. So, do pack water with you. Stay hydrated. You may like sun basking, but soon you might feel dehydrated.
  2. 2. Boating license: Boating license is mandatory in most parts of a country. The age does not matter; if you are going for boating, you need a license just like driving license of your vehicles. There are coast guards and law enforcement officers to check the driving license. So, add a boating license to your boating and fishing list that you need a license.
  3. Sunblock/sunscreen: While fishing you need to