Pack up your fishing gear and hop on a boat because we are headed off to a fishing trip of a lifetime. 

Mysterious tropical rain forests and magical beaches abound here, but some treasures are hidden beneath the water! With wide seas along with large lakes and long rivers full of underwater biodiversity, Southeast Asia is an ideal place to go fishing. It is difficult to determine the best spot to fish from. Here, let us help you figure out where to go next.


  • Weh Island, Andaman Sea, Indonesia

Weh Island is a small active volcanic island to the northwest of Sumatra. It is a hidden gem in the Indonesian Archipelago. Although the island is getting more and more popular, it is still low-key enough that you will experience a true tropical island without noisy tourists. You do not have to worry about accommodation because there are plenty to choose from. Whether you want to live in small huts tucked in the forest or in more luxurious hotels with sea views, the choice is yours. But of course, the main attractions here are the fishing spots. 

The marine life around the sea is very active. You can charter a speedboat or a small local fishing boat and head out to the sea. It’s better if you take a guided tour with a local fisherman who knows all the ins and outs of the spot. The most popular spot is Ujung Seuke where you can use the popping and jigging techniques. The fish that you can catch are Grouper, Snapper, Barracuda, Amberjack, and Giant Trevally. Other spots are Meuduro and Long Angen. These spots are home to many predators like Black and White Tip Sharks, Thresher Sharks, and many other sharks’ species. If you hook one, be sure to release it again to keep the ecosystem safe.


  • Sabah and Sarawak, South China Sea


Sabah and Sarawak are two states in the Malaysian Borneo. It is an excellent option if you want to explore some of the best fishing destinations in the world. With a wide range of inland fishing as well as marine destinations, you will feel like you are visiting a fishing dreamland. In the sea waters, you will find the Blue Marlin and Black Marlin. If you choose deep water fishing, you may be able to hook some Bigeye, Dogtooth, and Yellow Tuna. Other fish variety available here are Giant Trevally, Dorado, Rainbow Runner, Barracuda, and large sharks.


  • Langkawi, Andaman Sea, Malaysia


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Yes, many fishing spots out there are overcrowded, and that can take away all of the fun. However, if you go to Langkawi, you can have a quiet and tranquil fishing experience. You do not have to be in a massive group to fish here since most of the tours are focusing on small groups. Or if even small groups are too crowded for you, you can always charter your own private boat. The warm and beautiful water around Langkawi offers you a wide variety of fishes like Groupers Fish, Barracuda, King Fish, Wahoo, and Stingrays!


  • Bungsamran Lake, Thailand


Freshwater fishing is just as exhilarating and as fulfilling as sea water fishing. One of the best places to try freshwater fishing in Thailand. There are numerous fishing spots within the country and one of the most famous freshwater destinations is Bungsamran Lake. The legendary lake is located in Bangkok, specifically in Ban Kapi district. It is home to some of the largest freshwater fish such as Mekong Catfish and Giant Siamese Carp. You can catch up to 100 kilograms’ carp and 130 kilograms’ catfish. It is indeed the ultimate specialist angler’s destination.