Sailing Destinations: Indonesia

A glimpse through Indonesia can be an enriching experience. It is the largest Island County in the world, situated between the Indian and the Pacific Ocean. Indonesia has 17,000 islands along with a rich selection of wildlife such as orangutans, elephants, and Indonesia is famous for its reptiles– Komodo dragons.

If you enjoy Sailing, then with the huge amount of islands and scenic views this will be a wondrous sailing adventure as you can sail here 365 days a year as Indonesia has fantastic weather throughout the year that is suitable for this activity.

There are many ports where you can land and start the sailing voyage. Between April and October, the boats are docked around the west coast of Flores Island. October onwards yachts move to Raja Ampat which comprises of 1500 small islands. You can plan to sail around these islands for days. Kupang is one of the most popular ports and attracts over 700 foreign ships each year.

Below are some Idyllic locations in this island country.

  • Moluccas – located between West Papua and Sulawesi islands; this is the perfect surfing destination. You can charter a boat, that will help you move between east coast and west coast depending on the changing surf conditions.
  • Indonesia is home to a fantastic coral reef and has abundantly diverse marine